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SSF 2022: Physics of Noseriding

Lauren Hill joins us at the Solento Surf Festival for a screening of her new short film 'Physics of Noseriding' on Thursday, September 22nd at the historic La Paloma Theater (tickets available here!).

Lauren is a professional surfer, writer and director who has spent the past decade exploring new waves and documenting surf cultures around the world through an eco-feminist lens. She develops projects that revolve around the power of storytelling to build community and inspire action to protect our planet.


Physics of Noseriding

'Physics of Noseriding' dives deep into the long boarding trick of the noseride, one of surfing’s peak moments; part fluid dynamics, part magic. Lauren explores how noseriding actually works through the eyes of Namaala, a young surfer whose people were flying on the water before the world even knew what surfing was. Her curiosity invites us to examine the sensation of levitation that unfolds as wave, surfboard and surfer come together for surfing’s fluid dance.

Physics of Noseriding

Go through the water with Namaala and her long board as she leads with her hips and single fin lift you into the pocket with flow, balance, and skill. 


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