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Solento Surf Festival supports: SeaTrees by Sustainable Surf

This year we partnered with SeaTrees by Sustainable Surf for the Solento Surf Festival. SeaTrees is one of two incredible charities that your drink sales and surf comp entries will be donated to in support of their mission to positively impact our planet through protection and restoration of ocean ecosystems.

Sustainable Surf is a California-based nonprofit that uses the power and appeal of surf culture to inspire the radical transformation needed to protect ocean health and reverse climate change. 

Their globally impactful programs like SeaTrees and the ECOBOARD Project, are “on-ramps” for brands and individuals to have a direct and measurable impact on our planet.

SeaTrees is a program of Sustainable Surf that plants, protects, and restores blue carbon coastal ecosystems around the world. SeaTrees develops coastal restoration projects, also known as blue carbon projects, across five ecosystem types: mangrove forests, kelp forests, seagrass meadows, coral reefs, and coastal watersheds.

Through SeaTrees, brands and individuals take direct action to protect ocean health, reverse the effects of climate change, and create jobs and sustainable livelihoods for local people.

They partner with local nonprofit organizations at each project location to perform and manage the restoration work being done. By supporting the local communities in this regeneration, each SeaTrees project provides countless benefits to the people involved and the ecosystems impacted.


Current initiatives

SeaTrees has 11 active projects worldwide, with their latest having launched this month in Sydney, Australia to restore crayweed forests along the Australian coast. This project will begin restoration at the beginning of October in partnership with Boardriders.

This summer they hit a milestone of planting 2 million seatrees across all our projects.

Their goal is to support 100 projects by 2030.


Current projects





They also recently relaunched their ECOBOARD Project as an onramp for the global surf community to make surfboards and surf culture a model of sustainability. The ECOBOARD Project is the first and only independent consumer-facing “eco-label” for boards.
It helps the board-riding community to build, buy and ride high-performance, sustainable boards. Much more than just the ‘ECOBOARD label’ found on boards from the world’s best surf brands, the ECOBOARD Project educates and engages individuals about the environmental impacts of their lifestyle through the lens of their surfboard.

When a board displays the ECOBOARD Level One or Gold Level label, Sustainable Surf has verified that it has one or more of the following attributes


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