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After growing slowly under the Mexican sun for seven years, OUR certified organic agave is harvested in small batches from a single estate in Amatitán, Jalisco. The agave hearts cook for two days in BRICK ovens before being pressed to release their precious juices. Fermented and disTilled naturally, OUR tequila comes out pure in Flavor, and in THE aged EXPRESSIONS gains complexity from American oak barrels.

USDA-Certified Organic
& Additive Free

That smooth easy taste? That’s all-natural. There are no additives in Solento, only 100% organic Blue Weber agave. This isn’t the case for all tequilas out there. To be USDA-certified organic the agave plants and soil are inspected yearly during growth to ensure pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers were not used.

Small Batch & Single Estate

Solento is made in small batches from a single estate, meaning our agave plants, water, and distillation facility all come from and happen in the same location. This is important as it allows us to maintain and monitor the highest degree of quality and control.

We believe that better choices today create a better TOMORROW. For each agave harvested, another is planted. After each small batch of tequila IS made, the agave pulp is used to FERTILIZE the land.


Solento is bottled in recycled glass AND labeled with FSC certified paper and nontoxic inks.

Meticulous Harvesting Technique

When harvesting in small batches we have the luxury of taking meticulous care in our harvesting techniques. Our jimadors will carefully remove the bitter stem leaving behind only the naturally sweet parts of the agave.

American Oak Barrels

Our aged expressions gain complexity from American Oak Barrels. Reposado will age for 9 months and Añejo 18 months.

Slow cooked in brick ovens & Fermented Naturally

Our organic agave cooks for two days in brick ovens and is fermented naturally, without the use of synthetic or commercial yeasts.


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