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SSF 2022: Everything to Me

Solento Surf Festival is proud to present Everything to Me, a portrait of South African Joshe Faulkner: a world-class surfer who continues to rise against all odds by Wasted Talent and Billabong.

Friday September 23rd at La Paloma Theater, Joshe Faulkner joins us for the screening of everything to me and a live conversation to follow. Get your tickets here.

Everything to me takes us on a trip with Joshe Faulkner to his hometown of J Bay. We see the iconic surf city through his eyes and how the duality of the town shaped him.

He takes to the water as an escape from the reality of the land he grew up in. This inspiring short film pulls back the curtain on the hurt and inspiration that are found in the community that built him, and that he is determined to give back to.


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