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SSF 2022: Natural High

Natural High, directed by Jack Coleman, is a highly visual surf film showcasing the smooth talent of Stephanie Gilmore, Tosh Tudor, Derrick Disney, Kobe Hughes, Leah Dawson, Ryan Burch, and more.

The mesmerizing surfing and psychedelic soundtrack of 'Natural High' will transport you to another realm. Catch 'Natural High' at Solento Surf Festival on Friday September 23rd at La Paloma Theater, panel with Jack Coleman, Derrick Disney, Ryan Burch, and Kobe Hughes to follow the film. Get your tickets here. 

Natural High

Natural High is a dive into the connection between the sun, the spiritual experience of surfing, and feeling alive when you're in the water. Experience the natural high that you get from surfing serene waves and jamming to groovy music, sit back, and enjoy the ride.


Stephanie Gilmore



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