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Valentine's Day Cocktails


Valentine’s Day is the time for a little indulgence, whether you’re celebrating with your significant other or with friends. Traditionally lovers reach for bubbly on Valentine’s Day, but a well-made tequila cocktail is equally festive and infinitely more exciting. Solento is made from the heart, with careful attention to detail over many years, just like a partnership. Shake up your usual toast to love on February 14th with these three Solento cocktails for your valentine. 

For a decadent drink with a silky texture, whip up a Six of Hearts. Featuring a homemade raspberry syrup, egg white, and the natural sweetness of Solento Reposado, this cocktail is ideal alongside your Valentine's Day dessert. 

Six of Hearts 

Can’t resist the holiday classic of sparkling wine? Try a 'Slow Burn' for a bright cocktail with a splash of effervescence. Made for those who appreciate an Aperol Spritz but crave something more unique! 

Slow Burn

Dreaming of a vacay with your loved one? A single sip of the 'Getaway' will transport you to a different place, if only in your mind. Rich caramel notes from Solento Añejo complement the full fruit flavors of pineapple and apricot for this simple but delightful drink.



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