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Why Choose Organic Tequila?

Why Choose Organic Tequila? 

Many of us strive to eat organic, but what about drinking organic? Organic spirits are growing in popularity and tequila is no exception to this category. Obviously, taste is a huge factor when selecting a tequila, but why not select a delicious (and award-winning) tequila that’s also organic? Our commitment to organic enables us to make exceptional tequila and align with our personal values at the same time.

Premium Taste

Some may choose organic tequila for the same reasons they choose organic foods - better for you and better for the environment - others opt organic for the smooth, naturally sweet taste. By growing agave without harsh chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers, the resulting tequila is bursting with the natural flavors of the plant. A lot of commercial tequila production prioritizes speed to meet market demand, meaning brands will harvest their agave before it’s ripe and use artificial additives and sweeteners to correct the taste. Our slower, but higher quality technique, allows the agave to reach its full taste potential without any additives. 

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Eco-Friendly Production

Choosing organic is not only better for you but better for the planet. The USDA outlines that organic spirits must be made without residues that may harm the water, soil, or air. Sustainable farming looks out for the long-term health of agricultural agave production, by never introducing accelerators or chemical nutrients and by harvesting in small batches. Careful attention is paid to every step of the creation of organic tequila, from the initial processing of the agave to the fermentation vat.  

Avoid Harmful Chemicals 

In large-scale alcohol production, it is common to add chemicals to expedite the manufacturing process. Organic tequila avoids using synthetic additives for a cleaner spirit, ultimately reducing your exposure to harmful pesticides. 

Choose Solento Organic Tequila for your next cocktail to appreciate the full range of an organic spirit. Earthy, unique, and all-natural, you can taste the terroir of Amatitán in each sip. The process may be slower, but the final outcome is worth the wait.


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