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Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day With Solento

Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness With Solento 

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day. We could all use a day focused on kindness. So, get creative with your random acts of kindness, but if you need some thought starters we have a few:

Pay a Compliment

If you’ve ever liked someone's idea, outfit, haircut, laugh, energy, etc, be sure to pay them a compliment. Oftentimes, people will think of something kind but not articulate it. Pay the compliment and make their day. Disclaimer: a fake compliment is no fun - only say it if you mean it. 

Pick Up Trash

Ever heard the saying "many hands make light work"? The same goes for keeping our planet clean. It might not seem like much but picking up a few pieces of trash will go a long way to keeping our community and our planet clean. 

Pay It Forward 

One of the best ways to make someone smile is by paying it forward at the café when picking up your morning jolt. Let your barista know you’d like to purchase the drink for the person behind you in line; you might just make the next customer’s morning and start a chain reaction of good deeds. Don’t forget to add a generous tip for your barista to spread the positive vibes all through the business! 

Check-in with a loved one

Often when our schedules get hectic, our personal relationships unintentionally take the back burner. Call up an old friend or a family member you’ve been meaning to reach out to. Try to focus on asking and listening rather than telling.

Host your friends, pour them a drink

Our favorite way to show kindness is through generous and thoughtful hospitality. The simple gesture of making your friend or family member's favorite meal or favorite cocktail is kind and thoughtful and goes a long way. 


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