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Solento is for shared moments

For Founder Taylor Steele, Solento was created for shared moments with your friends; an excuse to catch up and get recentered.

Taylor grew up surfing in Southern California. The ocean was the place he could truly take in the present moment. He sought out experiences that pulled you into the present, and rituals that felt like a deep breath after a high-energy day.

NYC, known for high energy days - not for quick ocean dips and that feeling of “ah”, is where Taylor fell in love with the ritual of sipping tequila. His friend, Todd DiCiurcio introduced him to a different way of drinking; sipping and savoring quality tequila, not as a way to disconnect but as a way to reconnect with yourself and the people around you.

“For me, creating Solento was about sharing times with your friends. Solento is just a means to an end to share a moment, an excuse to catch up and get recentered, Solento is a ritual for our time.” - Taylor Steele


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