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Looking for a better, "healthier", alcoholic option?

You might be on this page because you're a little bit like us; a health-conscious person who enjoys the ritual of indulging in a high-quality spirit with friends.

We all know alcohol isn't "healthy" per se, but there are ways to ensure you are making healthier choices. If you choose to drink, here are a few reasons to make Solento your go-to.

One ingredient

There are no nasty hidden ingredients that might contribute to your hangover. Solento is made entirely from organic blue weber agave, without additives.

There are four types of additives permitted in tequila; glycerin, caramel coloring, oak extract, and sugar-based syrup. Solento has no additives. 

Blue Weber Agave in Jalisco Mexico

Made to sip and savor

We set out to create a tequila so smooth, there was no need to close your eyes and throw back a shot, or add sugary mixers to cover a bad taste. Solento is so smooth you'll want to sip and savor it - we encourage you to mindfully enjoy this drink and set yourself up for a better tomorrow. 

Tequila is considered a prebiotic and probiotic

There is some research that talks about the fructans that tequila is derived being a source of essential prebiotics and probiotics.

Prebiotics help create space for healthy bacteria (probiotics) to thrive in your small intestine and probiotics are healthy bacteria that populate in our intestines. They aid in digestion and help our immune system by keeping our gut in balance. 

It’s important to note that this is achieved when you consume small amounts of tequila. When you consume high amounts of alcohol, your immune system is forced to combat the toxins of overconsumption.

Men enjoying solento organic tequila in Greece


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