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The tale of how Tony Hawk joined the Solento Family

Benji Weatherley recently interviewed legendary pro-skater Tony Hawk on 'Let's Poddy' and amongst stories of skating innovation and injuries, was the tale of how Tony came to be involved with Solento Tequila. 


Tony: All right I'll tell you how I got involved with Solento. A friend of mine told me about it and he said "Hey, you know these guys - a bunch of surfers and Taylor - are doing this tequila. A natural tequila. He was hyped on it, just on the idea of it. So, I reached out by myself.
Benji: Oh wow.
Tony: I was like "I heard you guys are doing this and I'd be stoked to check it out" and so I met Taylor (Steele) at Pannikin (Coffee Shop) one morning and we were doing a taste test.
Benji: Coffee shots!
Tony: We were doing taste testing at Pannikin on the deck, hiding the tea like little kids, like high school kids hiding the bottle.
Benji: And you're like I'm?
Tony: Yeah, that was it!


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