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Perfect Table Setting For The Holidays

Solento Tequila Table Set-up with lemons

The hosting season is upon us and a great way to set the mood and elevate your party is through beautiful table set-ups. We have compiled our top tips to make the set-up easy and elegant.

Start with linens

We love a simple white linen table cloth to let the garnishes shine. If you’re looking to make more of a statement, the linens are a great place to make a bold color the star.

Run greenery through the center

Pine, rosemary, eucalyptus, and babies breath make for great runners. Spread them down the center of the table vertically. This will act as a great neutral base for the rest of your decor.

We also love to have multiple flower centerpieces with the same color palette down the center of the table as a different option of running natural objects down the center of the table.

Choose a limited color palette 

We are partial to yellow, and we like to ensure it is the star. We choose one hero color and surround it with neutral tones. This strategy works with any color you choose to highlight. For the holidays, red is a great choice, and the neutrals can be shades of cream, or metallics.

Flowers, lemons, and solento tequila

Layer in china and glass

These can act as beautiful pieces to center the table set-up around. Glassware is one of our favorite parts of the table scapes. They easily elevate the set-up with stunning silhouettes and the sparkle glass brings to contrast the natural elements of the presentation.

Get creative with decor

Lemons are our favorite, empty Solento bottles make for great vases and candle holders as well.

Fruits in general make for a creative and budget freindly pop of color, pomegranates are great for a holiday color palette. 

Repurposed solento tequila bottle as a vase

Play with different heights

This will allow all items to stand out. Candles, pots, vases, and upside-down bowls, are a great way to create different heights and allow the pieces to shine.

Putting bowls upside-down under the linens will allow you to highlight shorter pieces and create depth in your set up.


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