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World Photography Day: Meet the Photographers of Solento

World Photography Day

August 19th is World Photography Day. A day to celebrate the art of photography and the diverse talent of photographers around the world. Here at Solento, film & photography are deeply intertwined into our DNA and we are fortunate enough to work with some incredible photographers who contribute to the essence of Solento. This week we celebrate them. 

Terence Connors | @terenceconnors

Terence Connors is an incredibly talented director and photographer. He describes his work as naturalistic/documentary and is best known for work shooting film for notable fashion brands. Terence is part of the Solento Family and has worked with Solento on multiple campaigns including campaigns shot in Saint Barthélemy, Skopelos (Greece), and Montauk (New York). 

What is your proudest work to date?

Terence: This is a tough one but if I look through my last year of work I’d say this image feels really nice from a fashion standpoint as the client loved that we made the best of the transparency of the dress yet managed to make the outfit seem fun as opposed to too sexy or staged, so brought a different perspective to it. The image was taken down the road from our house which holds a special place in our heart and Zippy was about two months pregnant and I think it embodies her whole carefree approach to life which I love. 

What’s your favorite photo/moment when shooting with Solento: 

Terence: There have been a few standouts on Solento shoots but I’d say this evening shot around aperitif hour definitely set a nice mood and now has become a lovely memory to revisit, I can smell the caning above the terrace after the rain and still hear the sound the water lapping the shore below. Zippy and one of my childhood friends having a sweet time :) 

For those interested in pursuing photography, any advice?

Terence: Shoot for yourself, whatever makes you tick, your vision can become your trademark and then become a career path

Last one! People, Places, or Products?

Terence: I love shooting people, the idea of capturing a moment in a person's life, an image that inevitably if they look back upon it will bring back certain emotions, being a part of that is special.


Brooke Brady |  @bybrookebrady

Brooke is a full-time brand and travel photographer based in San Diego, California. She has loved photography for as long as she can remember and you can almost always find her snapping photos of the beach, inspiration in her daily life, and those she loves most. Born and raised in a beach town on the east coast, Brooke finds her muse in the colors and textures of nature - she loves capturing the essence of the earth and especially the ocean. When she doesn't have her camera in hand, she enjoys reading, going on walks, and journaling.

She describes her style as minimalist, raw, film-inspired, and heavily influenced by slow living.

What is your proudest work?

Brooke: "In a way, this feels like picking a favorite child haha. One of my favs is this photo of Laguna Beach - the colors and view down the beach immediately sparks joy." 

 And…How about your favorite photo or moment when shooting for Solento?

Brooke: "I have had so many fun moments with Solento as I truly am so passionate about this brand and its story - but one that stands out is this simple shot of the 375ml (a favorite Solento product of mine) I love the way the ocean sparkles in the background and the colors are just too good!"  

Do you prefer to shoot people, places, or products?

Brooke: "Hard to decide, but I prefer places because I love capturing how a place truly feels. When I think about photos I love, they usually are those that feel awe-inspiring and greater than mankind. I cherish feeling small in a big ol' world of possibilities."  

Any words of advice? 

Brooke: "The best thing you can do is just get out there and shoot. As simple as that sounds, I notice the most growth in my art when I shoot for solely myself rather than anyone else. It is so important to experiment, play, and figure out what lights you up when you're looking through that viewfinder." 


Todd Glaser | @toddglaser

Todd Glaser is a San Diego-born photographer, surfer, and waterman. A SURFER Staff Photographer for over a decade, Glaser is prolific for his young age, earning more than a dozen covers during his tenure at the magazine. Equally talented shooting land, water, and lifestyle photography, his work has also appeared in The New York Times, Outside, Men’s Health, GQ, and the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, in Washington DC. When he isn’t globetrotting chasing swells, treading water shooting in the tropics, or capturing images of the first wave ever ridden at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch, Glaser can be found riding waves around his home, riding his bike, and enjoying the company of his wife, Jenna. 

How would you describe your style?

Todd: Simple and clean. I spend a lot of time thinking of the story or message I’m trying to convey in my work and usually for me that means removing or leaving out anything that can distract you from the focus. Less is definitely more when it comes to photography.

Got any good advice?

Todd: A good friend once told me to make more interesting photos to become a more interesting person and that saying has always stuck with me.  Yes, it’s important to understand the tools and even more importantly the history of the art especially now more than ever it’s even easier to have access and view amazing photography, but at the end of the day or image I always ask myself does this image create a connection with the viewer, person, place or subject in it?

You’ve photographed some of the best surfers in history. Show us your proudest work! 

What’s your favorite moment from shooting with Solento?

What’s your favorite to shoot? People, places, or products?

Todd: "I love a good adventure, but I’ve learned you don’t need to fly to the other side of the world to feel adventurous.  Trying to keep a fresh perspective on places we’ve seen or been to before.  I like to find ways to create images or see familiar spaces in an unfamiliar way with friends.  So I guess if I had to answer the question I love to shoot people in places :)."


Prescott Horn | @prescottdesign

Prescott is a photographer, graphic designer, and musician from New York, but currently based in San Diego. His passion for photography started in New York shooting street photography. Prescott describes his photography style as subtle and matter-of-fact. “I love everyday images and try to present my subjects as they are rather than creating an inauthentic portrayal through photographic effects or digital manipulation. With other mediums, I can appreciate more creative freedom and flexibility, but for me, photography is about capturing authentic moments.”

Tell us a little about the photography you are most proud of?

Prescott: "My proudest work is the series of film photographs I took while living in Brooklyn pre-pandemic. I would go out every day with my camera and try to capture the streets of New York in all its weird and wonderful glory. Something about photographing strangers in NYC is such a thrill and the idea of capturing fleeting moments of beauty and absurdity really kept me inspired during that time."

Your portfolio boasts a range of work, anything from people, places, and products. What is your favorite to shoot and why?

Prescott: "I would say that I prefer to shoot people, but not necessarily people modeling. I like to take photos of people when they don’t know I am taking a photo of them. I like to take photos of people in their natural states."

Tell us a little about your favorite work with Solento?

Prescott: "My favorite time shooting with Solento was definitely when we did the retreat in Joshua Tree during the Summer of 2020. I had just moved to California and it was one of the first things I did when I arrived. It was an amazing experience, especially given the circumstances of the pandemic and I was glad I got to spend it with such an eclectic and inspiring group of people."

What words of wisdom would you pass on to those interested in getting started with photography?

Prescott: "Just go out and shoot and don’t worry about how many likes your photo gets on Instagram or Tik Tok. These aren’t valid measures of your skill or ability. Be proud of your work even if nobody else seems to be and follow your passions and inspirations."


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