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All ticket proceeds are donated to...

The 1st Annual Solento Surf Festival is sold out, and each of those tickets (plus all drinks sales) will be donated to three charities. We chose three charities that aligned with our values and supported the surf world, ocean conservation, and women. 
Solento is proud to support: Changing Tides Foundation, Rob Machado Foundation, and SurfAid. 

Changing Tides Foundation

Changing Tides Foundation was founded in 2016 by 5 female surfers that felt called to do more than just take waves. Their mission is to empower women to protect the planet and promote diversity and inclusivity in and out of the ocean. Their vision is to create a community that connects us all to our humanity, our kindness, our planet, and each other. 

Rob Machado Foundation

The Rob Machado Foundation was founded upon the belief that our planet needs to be taken care of, and there’s no better place to start than with our local communities and our children. What started out in the early days as the introduction of gardening programs at local schools -- encouraging children to connect with the land they live on and the food they eat -- has evolved into a water filling station program across a growing network of schools and public places that helps deliver clean, filtered water while encouraging reusables over single-use plastic water bottles.

Rob Machado Foundation


At SurfAid our core mission is to improve the lives of women and children in remote areas of Indonesia and Solomon Islands and Baja Sur, Mexico – areas connected to us through surfing. SurfAid is committed to a 'hand up, not a handout' philosophy, and our focus is on empowering and supporting local communities to enrich their own lives, and increase their choices and possibilities for realizing their own potential.


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