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Film Line Up

Girl's Can't Surf
By Christopher Nelius
California Premiere

A wild ride of rebellion, smashing the patriarchy and cut-throat adventure, Girl's Can't Surf dives into the world of professional surfing; a circus of fluoro colors, peroxide hair and radical male egos. In a time where women were side-lined to tiny bikinis and arm-candy, this disparate group of women from around the world dreamt of becoming world champions. Fiercely individual, competitive, ambitious and opinionated, these women came up against a male-dominated million-dollar industry and culture that wasn’t ready for them.

By Thomas Campbell
Narrated by Chris Cote. Scored live by Second Harvest

The Modus Operandi of the Sprout is to show the surfing culture how truly lucky we are to live in the lush life of the ocean experience, and emphasize all the diverse possibilities we have in accessing this fountain of youth. Riding eggs, fishes, traditional style longboards and the modern shorty. Every wave is a new possibility. Shot entirely on 16mm film on location in Sri Lanka, Morocco, Costa Rica, Indonesia, California, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Mexico.

Havana Libre
By Corey McLean

Following decades of cultural prohibitions, a group of Cubans rise up and demand legitimacy for their beloved sport of surfing. In this inspiring story, they train to compete on the world stage with boards they built from scratch, reconcile with the country’s tumultuous history, and attempt to overcome borders that have been blocked their entire lives.

The Color of Winter
By Pat Stacy
World Premiere
Reckless Isolation
By Kolohe Andino
New Release

Explore Your Mind
By Dane Gudauskas

Kelly Slater in Black and White
By Richard Woolcott

Mick Fanning (Interactive)
Taylor Steele and Mick Fanning in conversation with film

The Electric Acid Microdose
Starring Ian Crane and Parker Coffin



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