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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Choosing the right gift is always a challenge - especially for loved ones with discerning tastes. Tequila lovers are distinctive, with an appreciation for well-made, thoughtful items. They tend to be drawn towards objects of high quality, just like their preferred drink. This year, take the stress out of holiday shopping by following our easy guide to the best gifts for tequila lovers, full of simple but elegant options for an unforgettable Christmas. 

Caddis Readers

Caddis readers are beautiful, well made, and all about living in the moment; something any tequila drinker can appreciate. Caddis rejects the idea of profiting on vanity or shying away from conversations about age. The brand embraces the not-so-radical idea that it is absolutely awesome to be the age we are, right here and now, and to celebrate that with quality eyewear. 


Subscription to Whalebone Magazine

Covering arts, culture, and the good things in life, Whalebone Magazine is the media outlet for the free spirit in your circle. Each issue deep dives into a theme and explores every inch of it. They even once released a Bill Murray Issue of Whalebone, which they wrote with Bill Murray, and then he drank tequila with the editors. Rad. 

Whalebone Magazine


Hume Supernatural Deodorant Trio

Ditch the artificial ingredients of traditional deodorant brands. Plant-based and cruelty-free with natural scents like Desert Bloom, Amber Woods, and After Rain, keep the tequila lover in your life feeling fresh. They’re the ideal size for a stocking stuffer! 

Williams-Sonoma Rocks Glass

We believe that the best tequila should be enjoyed slowly, no matter its form. Made to last, these Dorset Crystal Double Old Fashioned Glasses are gorgeous and versatile - from a neat pour to the best margarita, you won’t find a better vessel for top-shelf tequila. 

Solento Tequila

Sometimes the obvious choice is the showstopper. Gift the Solento Organic Family, featuring all three high-end, small-batch tequilas to truly impress them. Our tequila is made with 100% agave and is perfect for sipping or making tequila cocktails. Solento’s unique tequila bottles are eye-catching and unlike any other. 

Slow Tide Towels

Slow Tide Towels are about more than just drying off. Each towel is a piece of art, turning something mundane into a canvas for expressing a love of nature, travel, and the beach. Made sustainably and featuring prints from famous creators such as Murakami and Kevin Lyon, choose one of their towels for your tequila lover to give something both beautiful and functional. 

Finding a gift for the agave aficionado of the family doesn’t have to be a headache! Any of the items listed above would make an exciting present. Forget about boring last-minute presents and shop Solento this season. 


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