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Solento Surf Festival celebrates the intersection of art, surf, and culture, and this year, Todd DiCiurcio's captivating artwork is taking center stage. As an integral part of the Solento Family since day one, Todd's artistic vision has become synonymous with Solento's spirit. In our chat with Todd, we delve into his connection to Solento, his creative process, and his favorite memory of past years at SSF. 

Solento: You've been an integral part of the Solento Family since day one, tell us a little about your connection to Solento.

Todd: Connected at birth to the spirit of capturing the essence of a moment, & affording the opportunity to share it with all the special people in one’s life, to savor for infinity.

Photo: Todd & Megs at Solento Tequila Launch Party (NYC, November 2019)

Solento: The artwork this year is stunning - talk us through how you take a brief and begin your creative process.

Todd: All my work is reactionary. It starts with a ground, a larger nebulous of precipitative information that tends to carry the energy to feed the marks that follow.  In this instance, my life experience within the subculture of surfing and later explorations with Taylor in Mexico that lead to the discovery of Solento merge to form our slow….the places on a wave we all dream about, in primitive form.


Photo: Todd's artwork that was created for Solento Surf Festival (May 2023)

Solento: Set the scene for us. Where were you, what were you listening to, and what was going on when you were creating this art? 

Todd: …In the beach sanctuary studio, listening to Weldon Irvine.

Photo: Todd in his studio working on Solento Surf Festival artwork (May 2023)

Solento: Ok. Simple Answers. Rapid fire, Go.

Favorite Solento Expression? Reposado.

Favorite Bar at the moment?  The Oyster Bar at Steve&Cookies in Margate NJ.

Favorite new album? "The Age Of The Understatement" by The Last Shadow Puppets.

Favorite charity? A Meaningful Purpose at Reed's Farm.

What was your favorite part of the Solento Surf Festival last year? Catching the first wave in the first heat at our very first Surf Festival Surf Contest!

Photo: Solento Surf Festival | Seaside Reef (September 2022)


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